Capacity / Performance Audit

In response to increasing pressure to grow their top and bottom lines, many companies pursue unsure growth strategies funded through aggressive cost cutting — and ultimately achieve neither the growth nor profit they seek. Recognizing that each client is unique, we can help clients overcome their most pressing challenges and efficiently invest behind their most promising growth opportunities.
We help healthy companies to become market leaders and underperforming companies to realize their full potential. We develop custom strategies with each client that incorporate the factors that make each business unique — customer and product portfolios, marketing & commercial strategies, technology based supply chain management, organization structures and culture — to meet aggressive growth targets and improve profitability.

Our unique and highly interactive approach will foster buy-in and commitment to ensure jointly developed strategies are fully implemented. Once in place, clients can continue to successfully execute strategies for growth and profitability.

The effects of complexity on performance are often felt slowly and over time and its impact on any one area can be difficult to quantify. By the time it manifests itself clearly in the company's financial statements, the danger has already taken root.
We work with clients to reverse the margin effects of unwanted complexity. By aligning sales, marketing, supply chain, production/ sourcing around what the customer values, We have repeatedly been successful in delivering 10 to 15 percent in gross margin, while positioning product portfolios for accelerated growth. Challenging corporate inertia, we will work collaboratively to identify the root causes of complexity that undermine a company's strategic and financial performance.

This systemic approach to profit improvement:
Captures significant untapped value at the intersections between functional areas where issues often originate and, Ensures that any changes have a positive impact on the entire business.

The Result:
Breakthrough margin performance that positions the business for increased investment and future growth.
Many companies allocate A&P investments based on a percentage of sales, which brand team makes the best annual presentation or based on the prior year. Senior management is typically in the position of making sure all the potential recipients of investment monies are treated fairly, with the largest product or service receiving the largest investment.
We will work with corporate leaders to understand the effectiveness of each type of sales and marketing activity. Through rigorous modeling, analysis and primary research, the ROI of each activity for each brand is calculated in the context of the "lifetime value" of the customer and attractiveness of the product market going forward.
Building on this foundation, we help clients design and implement a plan to invest in sales and marketing more effectively. Our zero sum budgeting approach helps clients understand the importance of sustainability and successful implementation, leading to the desired outcome of profitable growth.