Education, Training & Certification

With the increasing interest and awareness in educational opportunities and possibilities, it is only natural for businesses to want to venture into exploring this field. At Hackberry Advisory, we make this task simple and easy by taking on all the responsibilities associated with starting an education-related venture.

Hackberry Advisory provides educational advisory services to businesses wishing to enter the education market, existing players wishing to expand or individuals/organizations looking for franchise or similar options in the educational sector.

The range and scope of services offered by our select team of professionals includes but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • Identifying and exploring core areas in which potential institutes can and should be set up. Setting up an institute requires a great deal of groundwork, research and analysis. At Hackberry Advisory, we make this nerve-wracking job simple and effortless by doing it all for you and presenting the results for you to make an informed decision.
  • Assist with and facilitate student registrations, enrolment, admissions and related activities. Setting up an institute is just half the job. The other half involves getting the students there. This is what we, at Hackberry Advisory, will do for you by helping with student pitching, registrations and admissions.
  • Facilitate accreditation, recognition and validation of courses and curricula.  The courses and curriculum offered will be given their due certification and recognition and our team of experts will help ensure that the institute is accredited, thereby, increasing its value and credibility.
  • Identify and set up the building, help with the designing, passing of plans and other legal documentation required with the establishment of a new educational institute.
  • Help find and select qualified and trained faculty and personnel. Hackberry Advisory will provide assistance with recruitment and hiring of trained faculty, academic and administrative personnel and even, train them according to your specific requirements.
  • Plan and help execute a strategic business model for the institute or venture.  Since the institute will be for profit, it is important to create a well-planned business model for the venture. We will help you with the planning and the stage-by-stage execution of this business model.
  • Position the institute according to the local and regional population and liaison with appropriate authorities for certifications, licenses and other required documentation.

Provide market research and brand building services as well as assist with media and advertising campaigns.  A well-planned and aggressive media campaign will not just attract the right student base but will also help to strongly position the institute.

At Hackberry Advisory learning and skill development is a way of life. That is the reason we believe in providing the very best in certification and training services. Our handpicked team of professionals will assist you with all your organizational/individual certification, learning and skill-development requirements. Our unparalleled range of both online and classroom-based continued education programs are designed for the ambitious, goal-oriented executives of Corporate India.


Training & Certification

The range of certification and training services provided by Hackberry Advisory include the following:

  • Open Management Courses and Workshops that involve equipping the future managers of an organization with a comprehensive and solid understanding of management principles. Managers, today, are much more than simple workforce managers. They are people motivators, catalysts of change and dynamic links between the top and junior management. It is essential that they are equipped with skills that enable them to motivate, inspire, educate and drive performance… all at the same time. Courses such as these can be customized to meet an organization’s demands and requirements and provide a complete toolbox of workable principles, ideas and strategies.
  • In-House Management Courses and Workshops include tailor-made management and training programs that aim to fulfill a particular gap in an organization’s workforce. Choose from a wide range of modules to create a unique program or simply pick the one that your team needs the most. Better still, have our team analyze your personnel for the exact training requirements. Here is a list of modules that can be included or developed for a business’s training requirements.
  • Certification and Accreditation Services is where we can provide businesses with valuable assistance and representation in gaining accreditation or help an ongoing compliance procedure move forward smoothly.  We can help your business by providing guidance on strategy development, offering time- and cost-effective solutions for obtaining the required accreditation or certifications and also, help to maintain approvals through compliance with regulatory statutes and standards.

Do get in touch with us for more information or a customized solution to your certification and training requirements.