Trade & Representation

Any business, big or small, faces infrastructural bottlenecks, human resource challenges, unfamiliar territory while dealing with its growth and development. At Hackberry Advisory, we believe in taking the uncertainty out of this picture and walking a client through expansion, growth and new ventures with professionalism, ease and efficiency.

Hackberry Advisory provides a wide range of trade and representation services to Indian or Global companies to enter Up North Markets of Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and J&K. and companies from this region to expand Pan India or international markets.

The range of trade and representation services are as vast as it is diverse. In simple words, we have services to suit every size and kind of business.  The Trade Services provided by Hackberry Advisory includes the following:

  • Building a reliable and long-term network of clients, channel partners, distributors, media and other professionals in the specific market for a client’s business
  • Identifying potential partners for a client’s business in both public and private sector
  • Increasing and expanding the client base by focusing on possible clients within specific industries.
  • Implementing various marketing and PR strategies to establish or increase brand visibility, engage in brand-building and marketing exercises that are specific for a client’s business model and target market, establish positive media relations for the client’s business and provide marketing reports and analysis
  • Working in coordination with the client to establish budgets and achieve sales targets, generate leads, prepare and follow-up on quotations or business proposals as well as assist with negotiations for any contracts or business agreements

In addition, the Representation services of  Hackberry Advisory include the following:

  • Representing the client in matters such as communicating with local dealers and distributors and providing advice on regulations and documentation.
  • Acting on behalf of the non-local client in front of various local government and official agencies
  • Representing national and international brands, agencies and bodies.

So, whether you are a regional business enterprise o expand to the Northern part of the country or a mid-sized education center wanting to experiment with an overseas venture, you can be assured that our team of seasoned professionals would be your “eyes and ears” for research and your “face” in front of trade, government and official agencies.