Business & Operational Strategy

Core to our business is a full range of Management Consulting services, totally focussed on helping clients achieve meaningful and sustainable improvements to their businesses. We focus on implementing change that delivers a true difference, not creating change for the sake of it. While we utilise world-class tools, techniques and methodologies, all of our client interventions are specifically designed to meet each organisations unique business culture and climate.

We work with organisations across all aspects of their development cycle, and are comfortable with both developmental and retrenchment activities. We ensure, taking into account the stage of organisational maturity, that all of the solutions we develop are totally aligned to the client, their people and their future business aspirations.

We believe in working in a true partnership with our clients, and rely on their detailed organisational and product / service knowledge to craft a meaningful, robust and sustainable change programme. We have a major focus on sharing skills and aim to leave clients better equipped to meet future challenges. We work with clients, not for them.

Our Management Consultancy offer is broad and encompasses:
Change Management
Assessing the organisational readiness to embrace change
Assessing the impact and communicating the value to be derived from implementing change

Business Improvement Improvements in throughput, efficiencies and effectiveness
Maximising the ‘value add’ and pro-actively managing costs

Strategy Development and Implementation
Creating the vision and subsequent translation into operating goals and targets throughout the organisation

Business Analysis
Clearly establishing the ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ models, defining benefits and optimum delivery mechanisms and timescales

Organisation Design / Re-Design and Structure / Re-Structure
Clarity of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities together with defining the required skills and competencies that will drive the business forward

Business Process Modelling
Development, Re-engineering and Re-design of Business Processes, Policies and Procedures
Process streamlining and benefit creation based on the ‘value-add’.
Creation of work to time relationships, throughput targets and the. creation of manpower planning tools and techniques.
Designing and implementing Management Control and Information Systems.
Dashboards and so forth to ensure organisational transparency.

Implementing and Executing Business Development Initiatives
Designing and developing distribution networks, distribution management and development, customer profiling and demographics, product portfolio management and new product development
As an organisation, Hackberry Rayland Advisory embraces ‘world class’ tools, techniques and methodologies and have considerable practical, demonstrable experience of applying tools such as Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, TQM, Lean Manufacturing and so forth.